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Given that the financial services sector is the primary target for cybercriminals, are you adopting the most effective strategies to safeguard your business and customers against the most recent threats?

>_ Overview

Cyber security in the Banking and Financial sector

Financial institutions hold enormous amounts of high-value data, which in turn makes them an attractive target for cyber-attacks. With rising threats and escalating regulatory pressure, investment in the right security solution is not just important, but imperative.


As a leader in a bank, hedge fund, wealth management firm, or private equity house, you no doubt understand the significance of cyber resilience and the protection of the sensitive data your organization holds.


Conducting regular penetration testing and security audits has become a necessary part of operations. These practices help to tackle numerous challenges that the financial services industry encounters, reinforcing the defenses of your systems and ensuring the safety of the invaluable data within.

>_ Challenges

Cyber Security Challenges In Finance

Understanding what data is stored and how vulnerable it is
Safeguarding sensitive personal and financial data
Balancing cyber security and system accessibility
Detecting and responding to breaches
Become more agile and more efficient in security operations
Defending growing network infrastructure
Meeting compliance requirements
Limited resourcing and skills


Cost of cyber attacks per company in Finance


of exposed data in 2022 was financial services data


Maximum GDPR fine for an unreported data breach
>_ Key Questions

Key Security Questions
For financial Companies

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