Cybercriminals identify and seize upon the opportunities presented by online platforms, aiming to take advantage of their market prominence and revenue prospects.

>_ Overview

Cyber security in the media sector

Cyber attackers can manipulate susceptible companies through a variety of methods, including the dissemination of offensive and threatening content, product piracy, ticket counterfeiting, user account takeovers, impersonations, data breaches, and other forms of cybercrime.


The rise in digital media, streaming services, and social media influence has revolutionized how your media organization – and the athletes and talent you represent – interact with fans, deliver content, and promote events and services.


While no enterprise is completely invulnerable to cyber-attacks, a comprehensive and proactive strategy can mitigate many threats to your organization.

>_ Challenges

Cyber Security Challenges In Media

Protecting client data and intellectual property
Educating staff about cyber security risks
Identifying and responding to breaches
Safeguarding legacy systems alongside new technologies
Complying with data protection standar
Securing content management systems


of media firms experienced cyber attacks in 2022


Projected losses to digital and fraud in 2022


Maximum GDPR fine for an unreported data breach
>_ Key Questions

Key Security Questions
For Media Companies

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