Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

Identify and mitigate risks associated with sensitive data from publicly available sources

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Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) encompasses an array of methodologies and strategies utilized for the gathering and analysis of information that is publicly accessible from a diverse spectrum of sources.


These sources span a wide variety of platforms and include, but are not limited to, forums, social media platforms, websites, videos, wikis, Whois records for registered domain names, metadata and digital files, dark web resources, geolocation data, IP addresses, blockchain records, search engines, and all data accessible online or through any public databases.


OSINT serves as a vital tool for experts and analysts, aiding in trend monitoring, identification of potential threats, and data collection. This data, in turn, supports a multitude of functions such as security management, risk analysis, and intelligence programs.



Logisek goes beyond basic monitoring, exploring vast amounts
of digital data and delivering in-depth analyses.

Gaining insight into the footprint of your organization
Obtain a holistic perspective of your personnel and workflows, as well as potential vulnerabilities that attackers may seek to exploit.
A prioritized inventory of potential risks
Gain a clear understanding of the risks and threats that present the highest level of danger to your infrastructure, and learn how to effectively mitigate them.
Obtain professional guidance on securing your information
Logisek will offer guidance on removing OSINT from public platforms or, if that is not possible, ensuring its secure handling.
While public data, is a rich source of information, it can also uncover previously undetected potential threats to your business.

Various Methods of Open Source Intelligence Collection

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) collection primarily utilizes three techniques: passive, semi-passive, and active. The selection of a particular method depends on the specific circumstances and the nature of the intelligence required.

Passive Collection
The most frequently used approach in Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) gathering. As a rule of thumb, the majority of OSINT strategies should deploy passive techniques since the main objective of OSINT is to collect data about the target from sources that are publicly available.
Semi-passive Collection
This approach is more technical, as it sends internet traffic to targeted servers to collect basic information. The crucial aspect is to make this traffic indiscernible from regular internet activity, thereby preventing the target from becoming aware of your investigation.
Active Collection
In this method, there's direct interaction with the system to gather intelligence. However, this can alert the target to the reconnaissance activity, as the person or entity collecting information will employ sophisticated techniques to extract technical data about the target's IT infrastructure.
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Why do i need OSINT digital investigations?

OSINT digital investigations can be a valuable tool for your organization. They provide a comprehensive perspective of your area of interest by gathering data from a wide array of public sources, facilitating effective risk assessment and enabling the identification of potential threats and vulnerabilities.

Furthermore, OSINT is a cost-effective method of intelligence gathering, as it utilizes information that is already publicly available, reducing the resources required for data collection.

Significantly, OSINT complies with legal and ethical guidelines, as it entails the gathering and analysis of public data. Therefore, whether you’re a business aiming to safeguard your digital assets or an investigator seeking to gain a deeper understanding of a subject, OSINT digital investigations can be a crucial part of your strategic planning.

Digital investigations can be vital for several reasons. Here are some primary scenarios where you might require Open Source Intelligence (OSINT):

OSINT can help identify potential threats to your digital infrastructure, such as vulnerabilities in your network or threats from hackers. This proactive approach can help prevent breaches and other forms of cyber-attacks.

If you're considering a business partnership, investment, or acquisition, an OSINT investigation can provide valuable insights into the other party's reputation, financial health, and other relevant details.

OSINT can help identify potential cases of fraud, such as false claims or identity theft. This can be particularly important in industries like insurance or finance.

In the legal realm, OSINT can be used to gather evidence for court cases, particularly in situations involving digital crimes. This could range from intellectual property theft to cyberstalking or harassment.

Companies can use OSINT to monitor how their brand is being discussed online, identify potential threats to their reputation, or find instances of trademark infringement.

By monitoring various online sources, companies can gain insights into potential threats and risks that could impact their operations or industry. This includes everything from geopolitical risks to emerging cyber threats.

OSINT can be used to gain insight into competitors' strategies, products, and market positioning, which can inform your own strategic planning.

Our Process

Through the use of both qualitative and quantitative analyses, Logisek's Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) services aid businesses like yours in discovering online discussions about your company and collecting general data about your internet presence.

In our digitally-driven era, the internet functions as a vast stage where individuals freely express their thoughts and opinions. OSINT becomes a vital tool in uncovering and exposing invaluable information specifically related to your business. Once collected, this data is transformed into actionable intelligence that can guide decision-making.

Our main objective is to protect your business, enabling you to operate without any concern. By leveraging the power of OSINT, we can monitor public sentiment, follow trends, and foresee potential threats, thus offering extensive protection for your business in the digital world.
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Some information that Logisek is capable to compile in an OSINT report for corporate, legal, law enforcement, compliance and governmental needs include:

Social media history, including historical archives of deleted posts.
Investigation of security compliance and availability of sensitive data.
Behavioral history and statistics publicly available on the web.
Collection and organization of documents, assets and more.
Archived public records detailing historical compliance and related matters.

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