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In an industry frequently targeted by cybercriminals, are you implementing appropriate measures to safeguard your organization?

>_ Overview

Cyber security in Education

In today’s changing threat landscape, ensuring the privacy of sensitive information is equally as crucial as delivering top-notch education. Education institutions that fail to adopt adequate protective measures risk losing valuable research and exposing student personal and financial data.


While a significant portion of the data housed in educational systems may seem unattractive to hackers,educational entities, including schools, colleges, and universities, are still potential marks for cybercriminals.


Sensitive personal data like student records or payment details can still be stolen from education networks for instance. Universities and research institutions are a goldmine of intellectual property and sensitive research data. If criminals believe data is saleable, they will steal it.


Colleges and universities are also at risk from internal threats. Curious or disgruntled students may try to infiltrate systems, either out of curiosity, for amusement, or with malicious intent to inflict harm.

>_ Challenges

Cyber Security Challenges In education

Protecting large, decentralized IT estates
Mitigating a rise in cyber-espionage and DDoS attacks
Overcoming a lack of in-house security skills and resources
Balancing information security and academic openness
Complying with the GDPR, PCI DSS and other data security standards
Identifying and responding to breaches


of incidents in education in 2022 were ransomware


of breaches came from phishing attacks


of school data breaches compromise personal data
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Key Security Questions
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