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Security Architecture & Configuration Reviews

An asset that adheres to secure review guidelines can significantly reduce the attack surface early in its lifecycle. Adopting this proactive cybersecurity strategy enables businesses to go the extra mile, establishing security baselines and resulting in fewer incidents.


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Evaluation of security settings and policies from Logisek

If information systems within a network aren't configured in accordance with security standards and recognized best practices, they could become entry points for cybercriminals, compromising your business's network.


Conducting a comprehensive assessment to determine the correct configuration of your information systems is crucial for identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities that could surface due to inadequate or improper settings on servers, network components, applications, firewalls, and other facets of the IT infrastructure.


During the assessment, the information system settings are evaluated against accepted standards such as DISA STIGs, NIST, CIS Benchmark, and manufacturer guidelines.


A server or any other IT infrastructure component with inadequate or incorrect security settings could serve as a critical point of intrusion for unauthorized access to confidential data, thereby threatening your network and business operations.

Server build reviews
Server build reviews

Servers constitute a fundamental component of any information infrastructure and are constantly susceptible to threats from cybercriminals aiming to undermine their integrity. Consequently, it is crucial to be fully aware of these risks and deploy robust protective mechanisms. The evaluations of configuration settings performed by Logisek can assist you in implementing necessary adjustments, relying on specialized techniques and security standards. This ensures that every time you incorporate new servers into your infrastructure, they are fortified against vulnerabilities, adhering to specific procedures and standards. Logisek's experts are experienced in all operating systems, including Windows, OSX, and Linux.

Network device configuration reviews
Network device configuration reviews

Network devices play a pivotal role in the seamless operation of any business. We perform a thorough and methodical examination of these devices security, with a particular focus on identifying vulnerabilities that may arise from their configurations. This enables you to proactively address these issues. Logisek's experts engage into the analysis and verification of security settings across all levels, ensuring that network devices are fortified against any potential threats.

Security device configuration reviews
Security device configuration reviews

FFirewalls, system and application protection, load balancers, intrusion detection /prevention systems (IDS/IPS), among other devices, form the backbone of network security during network configuration, playing a significant role in safeguarding businesses. However, it's crucial that these devices are meticulously and accurately configured, as incorrect settings can result in substantial losses for your enterprise. Through the specialized assessments we perform, focused on the configuration and settings of security devices, we ensure their comprehensive and efficient functioning. In this way, you can trust that the security devices are supporting your business in the most effective and dependable way possible.

Cloud Configuration Security Review
Cloud Configuration Security Review

When leveraging cloud environments like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, or Google Cloud, conducting a rigorous assessment to ensure the proper configuration and security of your information systems within the cloud is vital. This is imperative to minimize vulnerabilities that could be susceptible to cybercriminal attacks due to unsuitable or incorrect settings. Your business bears the responsibility for data protection, access control, and the security of information hosted in the cloud environment. As such, it's essential to take proactive steps to shield your organization from potential threats.

What we review

 As the speed of business development accelerates, and the integration of technologies within the framework of digital transformation deepens, the necessity to ensure high-quality security against risks associated with your business’s information systems becomes increasingly paramount.

Password policies
Cloud configurations
Security systems
Audit Policies
Access management
Operating systems
Logging and Monitoring
Wired and wireless network settings
Data storage
Secondary services and configurations
Other product – Specific configuration options

Build and Configuration Reviews Methodology

At Logisek, we guarantee the quality and security of your systems, while also delivering value through our specialized consulting services. We are dedicated to fostering a long-term partnership with you, as our client. In pursuit of this objective, our secure configuration assessment projects are designed in accordance with industry best practices and tailored to comply with international security standards, including:
International security specifications
Industry security standards
Data protection regulations and legislation
Privacy protection best practices
Detection and response standards for attacks
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Our approach to Security Configuration Reviews

A typical engagement build and configuration Review from Logisek experts involves:

At Logisek, we have an experienced team of security consultants specializing in architectural and configuration security assessments. Our engineers work hand in hand with your business team to define the scope of security configuration checks.

Through this collaboration, we evaluate your business's security needs and objectives. The expertise of our consultants in conducting these assessments ensures comprehensive coverage and adherence to the latest security standards, with the primary goal of protecting your enterprise's data and resources.

At this stage, we move forward with the configuration of the profile. Initially, we devote substantial time to a detailed analysis of your information infrastructure architecture, including network systems, servers, and other devices that constitute the focus of the assessment. Simultaneously, we carry out a structured data collection process, paying particular attention to services, applications, and elements directly linked to security.

The data and information compiled during this phase are critically important as they lay the groundwork for the subsequent stages of the assessment. This step is vital as it allows us to gain an all-encompassing understanding of the environment under evaluation, facilitating more targeted and efficient analyses in the succeeding stages of the security assessment process.

The Logisek security team identifies potential vulnerabilities through the analysis of the gathered data.

In this phase, our experts meticulously scrutinize the data to identify potential weaknesses or flaws in your system.

Additionally, we establish a personalized approach that retains flexibility and considers the larger operational environment and the established principles of secure architecture that guide your business.

By understanding the unique needs and strategies of your enterprise, we're able to evaluate the data within this context, concentrating on issues that are crucial for the security and efficiency of your business.

We produce a comprehensive and detailed written report that goes beyond simply cataloging the vulnerabilities we discovered during the assessments. It also encompasses a thorough analysis delineating the nature of the risks, their potential impact on your business, and specific pragmatic recommendations on how they can be effectively addressed and mitigated.

We place particular emphasis on formulating our recommendations in a manner that is comprehensible, actionable, and contributes to the construction of a stronger and more secure infrastructure for your organization. Our objective is to equip your team with the requisite knowledge and tools to proactively combat and strategically respond to any security threats.

The report provides insights and serves as a roadmap for enhancing your overall security posture. It empowers you to prioritize and allocate resources effectively, ensuring that security measures are implemented in a focused and efficient manner.

Furthermore, our team is available for consultation to discuss the findings and recommendations in detail, addressing any questions or concerns you may have.

By delivering this comprehensive report and arming your team with the necessary knowledge, we enable you to take preventive measures and strategically respond to any security threats that may surface.

We value customer communication as much as the execution of reports or assessments. We interact with our clients at every stage, making certain that they are kept informed in a language they can easily comprehend. After the engagement, we conduct a complimentary debrief to help our clients understand their system's weaknesses and assist in formulating a mitigation plan.

Enhanced security and reputation

Enhanced security and compliance
Enhanced security and compliance
A security review will ensure your organization data exposure, while maintaining or boosting your capacity to uphold legal and regulatory compliance.
Peace of mind
Peace of mind
You will have the reassurance that your IT environment is secure and protected throughout your entire organization.
Trust and Reputation
Trust and Reputation
Enhance your organization’s reputation by giving customers and business partners confidence that you implement cyber security first and have in place robust systems and procedures to safeguard sensitive data.
Business Resiliency
Business Resiliency
A strong security review will enable your organization to build cyber resiliency to prevent breaches from occurring – or at the very least limit the severity of the breach and minimize the impact.

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