Essential to the nation's infrastructure, energy providers stand at the forefront of a digital battleground.

>_ Overview

Cyber security in the Energy sector

The energy sector, with its complex, human-intensive operations, demands immense effort and expenditure, a testament to its critical role in our society.


Over the years, the energy sector has made significant leaps and bounds, adopting advanced technology solutions and utilizing high-end equipment for its mission-critical operations. It's an embodiment of constant evolution and innovation.


As a leader in the energy sector, you will undoubtedly be aware of high-profile cyber-attacks in your industry. However, how confident are you in the protective measures you have in place? Are your controls and processes robust enough to ward off serious breaches? The ramifications of a cyber-attack can extend from power outages to the exposure of sensitive customer data, all of which can impose significant costs on your business and disrupt the lives of those who depend on your services.

>_ Challenges

Cyber Security Challenges in energy

Maintaining continuity of essential services and operations
Reducing cyber risks across the energy supply chain
Managing risks posed by SCADA/ICS systems
Complying with the GDPR and other data security standards
Detecting and responding to security breaches
Protecting large, decentralised IT estates


Cybercrime costs per energy company per year


Average investment in cybersecurity in the energy sectors


Have increased the security breaches in the last five years in energy sector
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Key Security Questions
For Energy Companies

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