The advent of new digital technologies presents unique challenges for manufacturing organizations, necessitating a heightened level of cybersecurity for manufacturers to safeguard their operations and assets.

>_ Overview

Cyber security in the manufacturing sector

As a leader in the manufacturing industry, you're well versed in adapting to change. However, treating cybercrime as merely another standard business challenge could be a serious miscalculation.


With the Industry 4.0 revolution in full swing, manufacturers are implementing more digital systems across their factories and production lines. The incorporation of IoT smart sensors, new control systems, and novel management applications not only enhances your business's efficiency but also broadens the scope for hackers to initiate attacks.


Conducting regular penetration tests can help identify potential vulnerabilities, thereby providing a more robust defense for your business against cyberattacks.

>_ Challenges

Cyber Security Challenges in Manufacturing

Managing security in the era of Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0
Identifying and eliminating Industrial Control System vulnerabilities
Mitigating cyber security risks across the supply chain
Maintaining continuity of essential services and operations
Combatting industrial espionage and operational disruption
Detecting and responding to breaches


Of industrial system attacks cybersecurity were ransomware


Of all cyber attacks are on manufacturers


Of organization perform industrial control systems (ICS) vulnerability checks less than once in a months
>_ Key Questions

Key Security Questions
For Manufacturing Companies

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