Given that the critical assets of technology companies serve as tempting targets for cybercriminals, are you implementing all necessary measures to defend your organization against the latest threats?

>_ Overview

Cyber security in technology sector

Organizations across all industry sectors leverage technology to enhance efficiency, spur innovation, and bolster profitability. However, the rapid pace of technological advancement can often result in overlooking crucial security considerations.


All technology organizations share a common trait: they operate at the forefront of technological innovation. Elements such as innovation, secrecy, intellectual property, and most importantly, security, are critical.


The encouraging news is that you can adopt a risk-assessed approach to strengthen your security posture and elevate your organizational maturity.

>_ Challenges

Cyber Security Challenges In Technology

Avoiding insecure coding practices in development
Safeguarding confidential customer data
Detecting and responding to malware
Protecting intellectual property and patent data
Balancing cyber security and system accessibility
Meeting compliance requirements


records exposed in 2 years from cloud misconfigurations


Rise in IoT device attacks in H1 2022


of IT professionals believe that their organization has a lack of cybersecurity skills
>_ Key Questions

Key Security Questions
For Technology Sector

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