IT Security

Every company has certain individual requirements when it comes to security, because every company’s network and operating mode is different. Therefore, Logisek Firewall solutions has given flexible security options a new name, offering security solutions you can select and combine as it suits your needs. So when your company is facing new challenges, you are free to adapt your perimeter security range on demand. Learn more about all of the available solutions below.

Our review methodology includes:



Network Security:
Firewall Network Security includes fully integrated features such as a configurable firewall paired with an Intrusion Protection system, Denial of Service, lots of traffic forwarding and NAT tools and much more.


Intrusion Prevention

DoS Protection

Bandwidth Control

Branch Ofiice VPN

SSL Remote Access

IPSec Remote Access

Native Windows Remote Access

Directory Authentication



Web Security:
Firewall Web Security protects employees from threats and allows you to apply terms and conditions to where and how they can spend their time online. Spyware and viruses are stopped before they can enter the network and cause damage. Everything is tracked and arranged in detailed reports which show how effective your policy is so adjustments can be made.

Url Filtering

Antivirus Scanning

Spyware Protection

HTTPS Scanning

User Reporting

Interactive Web Reporting

Mail Security:
Firewall Mail Security ensures that the abuse which email is subjected to, such as spam, viruses and privacy issues, do not affect your daily business routines. Through this application, real messages are properly delivered and employees can find what they need without being exposed to damaging content.

Anti Spam

Antivirus Scanning

Email Encryption


Web Application Security:
Firewall Web Application Security hardens your web servers using Reverse Proxy technology to protect them from modern attacks and data loss. With it, you can securely offer applications like Outlook Web Access (OWA) and guard against techniques like SQL Injection and Cross Site Scripting (XSS). Stop hackers from using these types of attacks to gain access to sensitive information like credit card data, personal information, and social security numbers. Firewall Web Application Security aids you in compliance efforts where a web application firewall is required, such as PCI-DSS.

Form Hardening


Reverse Proxy

URL Hardening

Web Application Firewall

Cookie Protection

Wireless Security:
Although every organization would benefit from wireless networking, existing solutions either lack important functionality or are too expensive and difficult to manage. Firewall Wireless Security is a new approach that dramatically simplifies the operation of secure and reliable wireless networks. With Firewall Security Gateway's built-in wireless controller, our access points are cost-effective and require no manual configuration, redefining wireless networking for small and medium businesses.


Plug & Play Development

Integrated Security

Central Management

Strong Encryption

Placement Choice

Guest Internet Access

Mail Archiving:
Mailbox servers often suffer from the heavy load of growing email traffic and administrators struggle with mailbox quotas and user storage demands. Through the Mail Archiving Service, you can free up valuable server resources and get control of compliance requirements while improving productivity of end-users at the same time. All of this is provided as a reliable hosted service with no need for additional hardware or software.


Easy Setup


Mail Server Offloading

Instant Discovery

PST File Elimination

Unified Security Management:
Firewall solution that Logisek offered has a central management application which enables users to see and work with all Security products through a single log in. From instant hardware reports to security trend information, monitoring and managing all devices becomes an efficient and effective process. With just a few simple steps, IPSec VPN tunnels can be established and policies can be deployed to many installations.


Real-Time Monitoring

Device Maintenance

Site-to-Site VPN Configuration

Central Packet Filter Rules

Central Web Content Filter Configuration


Application Control:
The Firewall Application Control Software provides the industry's strongest application security and identity control to organizations of all sizes. It enables IT teams to easily create granular policies—based on users or groups—to identify, block or limit usage of over 240,000 Web 2.0 applications and widgets.

Application Control

Identify, Allow, Block

Largest Application Library with Appwiki