IT Services

At Logisek, we have developed an original methodology to address IT infrastructure investment.Using this methodology, we can help you to identify the maturity level of your infrastructure and plan longterm improvements.

Our review methodology includes:

Computer rooms

Cloud Infrastructures

Networks and telecommunications

Warehouse systems

System services

IT policies and processes

We then agree an action plan with you, guaranteeing deadlines and costs through a strict project management and monitoring process before implementing those improvements.We further address international regulations regarding security and business continuity, having invested in human resources and technologies that underpin these higher level requirements of an IT infrastructure.

In this way, we transform IT from a simple cost centre into a growth accelerator for your business with clear objectives and measurable operational benefits. Your IT infrastructure is a strategic asset and business enabler upon which software can deliver the services and applications that support your business operation and growth.

We can help you to optimise your IT infrastructure and transform it into a valuable business enabler through the following comprehensive portfolio of services.

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